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The Captain's Whistle

Kickstarter We launched the Captain's Whistle on Kickstarter and our campaign was successfully funded with over 6800% of the funding goal. With the help of 454 amazing backers, we were able to make this dream a reality. Nautically inspired and built to last. Machined from solid brass, the Captain's Whistle is a staple of any nautical kit. Engineered to perform and built to last. With a design rich in efficiency, the Captain's Whistle will increase your audible sound levels over distances not achievable with voice, cutting through any background noise, or weather. The beautiful opening in the body reduces the amount of exhalation effort required to generate an audible whistle signal. We have taken our inspiration—the Bow-Shackle—and transformed it along with our other components into...

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Our Journey is Beginning!

After years of dreaming, building, and exploring, we are finally setting sail. Oceanus Brass was inspired by the Bow-Shackle. With it, a sailor can quickly adapt rigging and sail components to move in any desired direction, into the vast known and unknown spaces of ocean stretched out across the globe. With it, we too choose our own course. Setting off with our small vessel and crew, we seek to chase new inspirations, to develop a thriving trade of goods that can accompany you on your journeys, and to inspire the dreaming that leads you to your way. To onward and upward,

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