The Kraken Die

The Oceanus Brass Kraken Die is a timeless gaming instrument.  Machined from bars of solid brass and hand-polished, the Kraken Die contains over twice as much Brass as our award-winning Deckhand’s Dice. Envisioned while at sea, conjuring images of beasts that live down in the depths of the ocean and designed for the serious gamers among us, quality, excitement, and power come packaged inside every perfect cube.
Weighing at over 60 grams each, The Kraken Die rolls with a strong force like the power of a sea monster dragging down an entire ship to the crushing darkness. Awaken the beast right on the table. WARNING: glass or poor quality tables are unacceptable.
These are not the boring plastic dice you grew up with. Whether you’re a sailor looking to bring chaos to a board game while on a long voyage, a table-top game enthusiast or a collector of finer things we think you'll love the Oceanus Brass Kraken Die as much as we do.
For those who may have never given a dice set a second thought, I challenge you to feel the weight, craftsmanship, and history of our dice and not feel the strength of these bad boys. They feel good and just seem to make average games extraordinary.

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