The Enigma Coffer


A timeless storage instrument, with an old salt's twist. The Enigma Coffer is a locking, durable, corrosion-resistant container built to store perishables, dry goods, or any message you want lost to time. Rich in nautical heritage and functional in design, the Enigma Coffer is precisely machined and specifically built to last.

You have access, while others don't. The Enigma Coffer's recessed, rare-earth neodymium magnets enable hidden locking functionality. Keep it locked, or flip the lid 180 and snap it into place with unrestricted opens.

An elegantly cut closure mechanism, keeps your items secure. For both daytime sailing or long-haul cruises there is no need for a key, a code, or a latch. Strike its corner to open it. The Enigma Coffer's guarantees that you'll look the sharpest at sea while giving the peace of mind  you deserve.

Inspired by the locking clockwork mechanisms of steamer trunks of yesteryear, the Enigma Coffer captures the spirit of ocean travel. A tool that brings the same sea-worthy functionality and durability to your modern lifestyle.

Machined from solid brass, the Enigma Coffer is a piece that withstands extreme weather conditions. It is designed for those who aren’t afraid of getting wet while in  pursuit of adventure. Oceanus Brass products are built for rugged day-to-day life, only getting better over time as the brass patina deepens to match our shared love of the ocean.



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