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The Enigma Coffer

  A timeless storage instrument, with an old salt's twist. The Enigma Coffer is a locking, durable, corrosion-resistant container built to store perishables, dry goods, or any message you want lost to time. Rich in nautical heritage and functional in design, the Enigma Coffer is precisely machined and specifically built to last. You have access, while others don't. The Enigma Coffer's recessed, rare-earth neodymium magnets enable hidden locking functionality. Keep it locked, or flip the lid 180 and snap it into place with unrestricted opens. An elegantly cut closure mechanism, keeps your items secure. For both daytime sailing or long-haul cruises there is no need for a key, a code, or a latch. Strike its corner to open it. The...

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The Bow-Shackle

Funded in just a few hours! Exceptional support from our backers! I'm super happy to report that we've hit our Kickstarter goal on our first day! We're beyond excited to get The Bow-Shackle out to all of our backers. Welcome aboard all of you! Stretch Goals We would love to exceed our goal by as much as possible. At 10K, we will start manufacturing the bracelets before the campaign ends, which will move the shipping date up by up to four weeks! Please keep sharing on social media and help us SPREAD THE WORD!   

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