First Mate's Flint by Oceanus Brass

An everyday lighter designed to stand the test of time. The Oceanus Brass First Mate’s Flint is strong, refillable and built to last. We wanted to make a timeless firestarter tool that was both rich in heritage and classic in design. A lighter that you could use every day with proud confidence, either on the open ocean or in the great outdoors. The result is a rugged and attractive fire-making tool that is easily operated with one hand.

A design as new as it is old. Our unique hardware is both functionally fun and strikingly clean. The First Mate’s Flint combines our favorite aspects of our original Oceanus Brass products — quality, durability, and efficiency. No outdoors adventurer should be going about without a trusty survival lighter by his side.

Inspired by our nautical heritage, the Oceanus Brass First Mate’s Flint brings sea-worthy, rugged design and functionality to your modern lifestyle. Envisioned while at sea and designed for the most nautical among us, The First Mate’s Flint will keep the fire burning no matter where you go, making it a reliable and easy to carry survival tool.

The tight seal of the cap maintains its parts dry to make sure that it will work even in adverse conditions like snow, wind or rain. There’s no need to wait hours until it is dry, the First Mate’s Flint will throw a spark immediately.

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