The Bulkhead

A testament to maritime engineering. Designed while at sea, the Oceanus Brass Bulkhead is not just a storage solution, but a bastion of storage. Inspired by our nautical roots, the Bulkhead combines timeless design with robust functionality to redefine what it means to secure your valuables, whether on land or at sea.

Inspired by the watertight compartments of ocean vessels, the Bulkhead lock uses meticulously machined brass cogs to activate two arms, exerting downward pressure for a tight seal. Tuned dual-axis torque hinges ensure even pressure distribution and a compressed internal gasket maintains water-tightness. Whether facing rough seas or high humidity, your contents stay secure and dry, protected up to 50 meters deep.

Precision machined from a literal brick of solid brass, the Bulkhead is offered in two sizes, mini and not. Not-mini begins life as a 26-pound ingot. A raw material input weight that is simply unheard of. After cutting, tolerances are greater than five-thousandths of an inch. Every element of the bulkhead reflects OceanusBrass’ commitment to heirloom quality. Few, if any modern products, are of this caliber.

Designed for those who require the best in protection. Whether you're a storied sailor safeguarding dry goods, an adventurer preserving cherished memories, or simply someone who values excellence, we believe you'll love the Bulkhead as much as we do.

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