Kraken Blade Model

To honor our community and those from who we drew inspiration, we are sharing more information about the four-bar-linkage model for the Kraken blade here. We would love for these four-bar-linkage tools to have as many eyes, hands, and sailors on them as possible! Please find a link below to a digital model of the Kraken Blade v6.3!

What is the history of the Kraken Blade? Well, let's shine a specific spotlight on an inspiring Creative Commons 3d model;

  • The work done by BiscuitsOnTheFloor, through the Creative Commons Licensed, 3D  model, "Retracc" which can be found here, is a significant inspiration for the Kraken Blade. BiscuitsOnTheFloor is an impressive US-based designer. For any sailor with a 3-d printer onboard their vessel, be sure to check out all work, Here!
  • The work done by CorrugatorSupercilii, through the Creative Commons Licensed, 3D model, "cat claw" which can be found here, was "remixed" by BiscuitsOnTheFloor and improved. ‘Dive deep’ here, here & here.

We built our own model from scratch, to optimize its design, its function, and its ability to be machined in brass. Many thanks to the community, both for helping us to build Oceanus Brass, and for continuing to contribute your ideas! 


The inspiration for the Kraken Blade among others, is; the "retracc" by biscuitsonthefloor, creativecommons - attribution license (CC BY),, full Disclaimer of Warranties, and "cat claw" by corrugatorsupercilii,, creativecommons - attribution license (CC BY), full Disclaimer of Warranties, When we first made this piece for our own use, building a model, and then iterating on the prototype, allowed us to understand and improve its functionality, which we are happy to be releasing now.