The Kraken Blade, is LIVE!

Meet, The Kraken Blade.

Emerging from the deep, we are proud to now introduce the 15th OceanusBrass Campaign; The Kraken Blade.

Like nothing seen before, The Kraken Blade, is a magnetically locking, multi-pivot, utility knife designed to meet your needs 1,000 feet above or below sea level. A rugged and attractive tool that will be there for you when you need it, in a never before seen design.

Sharp, eye-catching, and built to last. This timeless cutting tool is carved, (as we always do,) from a block of solid brass. Take it with you on your day’s journey, and be ready for those adventures both planned and unexpected.

With the launch of a new campaign, it is now our opportunity to again say "THANK YOU!". As always, we would like to provide you, our original backers, with the opportunity of purchasing the Kraken Blade at the earliest tier possible - ($35). With the campaign launching today, there will be plenty of Early Bird rewards made available. Our previous supporters are also welcome to adjust your pledge to meet their needs! Feel free to add two, three or four Kraken Blades to your pledge -- Just send us a email or a private message on Kickstarter and it will be our honor to "hook you up"!


Of course, before anything, we want to make sure all your needs have been or are being taken care of. Please, do not hesitate to send us an email or a PM on Kickstarter whenever you need help!


To the best backers, and crew we could have asked for,

Vicky & The Oceanus Brass Team