How to Reset the Ballast Pen's Plunger Mechanism

If your Ballast Pen’s clicking mechanism isn't working properly, it may need to be reset. This guide will help you do just that, especially if the pen was dropped or mishandled during shipping.

Here are the steps you need to take:

Before you start, we highly recommend doing this either on a work mat or even inside a box or bowl. The Ballast Pen’s clicking mechanism has small moving parts, and you do not want to lose those. With this in mind, let’s start.

  1. Unscrew the plunger mechanism off the end of the pen.
  2. The mechanism has a small snap ring on the plunger that can be removed either with your fingernails or with the help of tweezers. This is one of those parts you do not want to lose.
  3.  With the snap ring off, pull and/or push on the plunger itself while gently wiggling it side to side. The goal is to get the plunger bottom flush with the bottom of the mechanism.
  4. Carefully push the mechanism all the way out of the holder using your thumb or finger.
  5. The plunger has grooves through which a 1mm ball bearing moves. Be as careful as you can, remove it and put it somewhere safe. We’ll need to reinsert it in the mechanism later.
  6. To make sure that there is no debris from disassembling the pen, you’ll need to clean it before going any further. Clean the track thoroughly, using soft brushes, cotton swabs, even compressed air if you can. Repeat this process with the grooves on the plunger.
  7. Once you’ve cleaned everything, we recommend lubricating the mechanism thoroughly, using either grease (as long as it isn’t too thick) or oil. Start with the ball bearing tracks.
  8. Reinsert the ball bearing where it was. Be careful not to lose it.
  9. Align the notch in the bottom of the plunger with the ball bearing, and gently push the plunger back in.
  10. Reinstall the snap ring and lubricate the plunger itself.
  11. Reassemble the pen and make sure to click it several times to ensure an even spreading of the oil/grease throughout the mechanism.

This process ensures that any negative effects from small dents and bends are counteracted by the free movement provided by the lubrication.

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A special shoutout goes to @Chris and @Manpreet for posting some solutions in the comment section of our campaign.