The Quarterdeck's Whistle

Most of us have been playing with whistles since we were children. Cruising around and blasting away through high pitched squeals that annoyed our neighbors to no end. The whistle is an incredible invention. It’s a small handheld device that turns a simple exhale into a piercing tone. 

It doesn’t scream words. It doesn’t emit flashing lights, it doesn’t send out radio signals. But if you’re sailing and you hear a loud whistle blasting off-your bow, you know exactly what’s going on. Someone needs your attention. 

With a design rich in efficiency, The Quarterdeck's Whistle will increase your audible sound levels over distances not achievable with voice, cutting through any background noise, or weather. The beautiful opening in the body reduces the amount of exhalation effort required to generate an audible whistle signal.

We stand behind the quality of our tools and the uniqueness and complexity of our signature hardware. Slender cut from a solid bar of brass, The Quarterdeck's Whistle's slim profile makes it both attractive and practical.

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