The Ballast Pen

Unnecessarily heavy, Gloriously over-engineered, Delightfully impractical. We call it The Ballast Pen. And we LOVE it! 

Our first writing tool, since the Bow-Shackle Pen in 2017.  It's a testament to our love for the extraordinary. Inspired by the heavy ballasts of ships, The Ballast Pen is designed to anchor your thoughts through creative journeys.

Machined from a brick of solid brass, this pen is heavy. Each line you write requires the deliberate effort of your entire arm. Probably the heaviest pen you have ever used, (or will ever use). It is Borderline ridiculous. But it is also Extremely smooth. What else would you expect from a pen that weighs more than 50x* a disposable alternative?  

A Stainless Steel and Brass Deployment Mechanism — like nothing you have clicked in the past, the deployment mechanism of the Ballast pen is COMPLETELY metal. Every single component of this pen is machined to within one-thousandth of an inch. Clicks are satisfying and smooth. Inspired by ritual, the deployment clicks of The Ballast Pen, are a trademark of this writing instrument. 

For your next journey, on land, at sea, or closer to home. Sketch your dreams of the ocean or chart the course of your next big adventure with universally available, waterproof G2 refills.

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