About us

With our design roots in Boston, our company draws creative inspiration from the hub of America’s rich nautical history. In developing our products, our original prototypes and inspiration came from the old shipyards of East Boston.

East Boston Shipwards

Our nautically inspired products harken back to a time of adventure on open seas, their durability a testament to the harsh demands of that bygone era.

Oceanus Brass Kickstarter

Our Belief


We launched Oceanus because we wanted to share our nautically inspired tools with the world and turn an idea into action. We hope to encourage others to try their hand at something new just as we did, to build something of their own, to go through that exploration process of learning and bringing inspiration to fruition. We owe a great debt of gratitude to the many relationships we’ve built along the way with industrial designers and manufacturers who helped us push the boundaries of what we were told was possible.