Navigator's Telescope

Navigator's Telescope

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           “ ‘Alright, boys, that looks like the last of her. Right nasty storm. Get some rest while ye can’ bellowed the first mate. With the storm passed, we went about post storm duties: checking rigging, sails and wood work for any potential damages we'd missed in the chaos. The younger lads cleared the cabins that took water. Our Lookout and Navigator exchanged cheeky grin, as night was falling and with us likely well off course, they could justify borrowing the captain’s prized telescope to reset our bearings. We all knew the first few hours would be spent staring at what they called the 'rings of Saturn' and its ilk. My command of language is not capable of describing the splendor the celestial body they placed before my eyes that night…..”

Material: brass

Size: 18 inches

Shipping might take up to 3 weeks.