Bow-Shackle Pen M
Bow-Shackle Pen M

Bow-Shackle Pen M

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“Our navigator was a brilliant man, well ahead of his time and always hunting for a new way to wayfind more efficiently and accurately. He carried a small brass pen that was no doubt mightier than the sword. The pen was outfitted with a miniature shackle like those we used to fasten the rigging and it looped onto the notebook he was always scribbling in furiously. I don’t doubt he still uses it after all these years…..”

The only pen you will ever need. Oceanus Brass is as bold as it is thoughtful. We wanted to make a timeless writing instrument that was both rich in heritage and innovative in design. One that you could use every day with proud confidence on the open ocean or in your office; the result of our vision and hard work is The Oceanus Bow-Shackle Pen.

A design as new as it is old. Our unique hardware is both functionally fun and strikingly clean. Oceanus products are elegant and built for rugged day-to-day life, only getting better over time as the brass patina deepens to conform perfectly to your hand. 

  • Length (W/ Bow-Shackle): 100mm
  • Body Length: 80mm  
  • Body Width: 9mm  
  • Body Wall Thickness: 2mm