The Stateroom Razor

Made to enhance your style, the OceanusBrass Stateroom Razor is the statement piece of your morning ritual. Tied to the art and science of sailing and exploration, the Stateroom Razor blends modern engineering with the proven reliability of an iconic, hundred-year-old design.

Machined from solid brass, the Stateroom Razor was designed to withstand the test of time. Its open-tooth comb sails through the hair and its precision-cut head spaces the blade perfectly from the skin, ensuring a clean and safe shave. The classic single-blade design is gentle on the skin, cutting the hair as closely as comfortably possible.

Responsible, eco-friendly experience. The Stateroom Razor is one for the ages — built to outlast all plastic alternatives and then some, with a recyclable and easily available disposable blade. The Stateroom Razor is a step-up in your quality of life.

Stylish in and of itself, the Stateroom Razor is not only functional but also eye-catching. The barber's pole-inspired wavy cutout pays tribute to the traditional craft of shaving while providing a firm, ergonomic grip.

Transform the act of shaving. The Stateroom Razor’s timeless elegance and functionality give the ordinary act of shaving a whole new meaning.

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