The Quartermoon Comb

Made to fuel your best self, The Oceanus Brass Quartermoon Comb gets the job done in the most efficient way. We set out to make a timeless grooming instrument that was both rich in history and classic in design. One that you would want to own and take with you on your day's journey, either on the open ocean or in the great outdoors.

Quartermoon Comb

Performance is everything. The quarter-moonlike, sweeping arc that hugs your skull makes for fewer strokes and easier styling. Quality, satisfaction, and tradition come packaged with every comb.

Quartermoon Comb

Cut from a bar of solid brass, the Quartermoon Comb is naturally anti-static. Each comb is carefully hand-polished, ensuring smooth teeth and surfaces that are gentle on the hair and scalp.

Know what real trust means. Seamless and comfortable action removes any obstacles when shaping your style. A rustproof, working comb, ready to go when you need it. 

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