Orient your present. We set off to make a focus tool, both rich in nautical heritage and innovative in design. A tool you could use on the open ocean or in your office. You, our backers, inspired us with your feedback on the Bosun's Edge XL. The result of this vision and hard work is; The OceanusBrass, HullGap Slider.
Satisfying action. Centered in your complete control and anchored in marine engineering principles, the Hullgap Slider embodies the mechanics of an air-gapped, through-hull propulsion system. Slight movements of your thumb, generate smooth and unexpected haptic feedback.
Elegantly cut from a block of brass, The HullGap Slider brings sea-worthy design and functionality to your modern lifestyle. A rustproof, working tool, of solid brass, ready to go where you go.
Rare-earth neodymium magnets. The Hullgap Slider transfers force through ten air-gapped, linearly positioned, magnetic fields. This effect produces a satisfying, yet confidence-inspiring haptic feedback. Eight ball bearings, locked in place behind stainless steel hardware, hold the magnets apart in a smooth glide. Forever gapped. 

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