BIGGER blade, BIGGER functionality. The Oceanus Brass Bosun’s Edge XL is sharp, eye-catching, and built to last. We set out to make a timeless utility tool that was both rich in history and classic in design. One that you would want to own and take with you on your day’s journey, either on the open ocean or the daily commute. The result is a solid brass knife that has achieved elegance through function.
A utility blade for everyday use. This is your essential companion. A rustproof, working knife, ready to go when you need it. It's strong, flat, easy to carry, and designed to fit your hand.
Inspired by rigger knives of years past, the Bosun’s Edge XL brings sea-worthy, rugged design, and functionality to your modern lifestyle. Combined with the iconic bow-shackle, this knife is sure to spark conversation wherever you take it.
Safety is everything. We have carefully reworked the Bosun's Edge XL's locking mechanism with a neodymium catch magnet, allowing you to slice through your daily tasks with confidence. But we don't want to stop there — stay tuned for stretch goal #4!
The precision-cut, solid brass body, accommodates a larger and replaceable #2 blade with additional storage for a spare. When dull, simply replace it with a new one.

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