The Kraken Blade

Designed for serious adventurers. The Oceanus Brass Kraken Blade is sharp, eye-catching, and built to last. We set out to make a timeless cutting instrument that was both rich in history and classic in design. One that you would want to own and take with you on your day’s journey, either on the open ocean or in the great outdoors. The result is a rugged and attractive knife that can be operated with either hand.

Envisioned while at sea, conjuring images of beasts that live down in the depths of the ocean, quality, satisfaction, and power come packaged with every blade. 

Machined from a brick of solid brass, the Kraken Blade will withstand hard use. A rustproof, working knife, ready to go when you need it. No outdoors adventurer should be going about without a trusty cutting tool by his side.

First-in-class, seamless blade deployments. Keep it magnetically locked, or snap it open for unrestricted action. With a reliable and intuitive mechanism, nothing can get in your way when slicing through your daily tasks.

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